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ISO16028 Flat Face Quick Couplings

ISO 16028 is an international standard for flat face quick release couplings. It mainly specifies the dimensional standards for the connection of flat face quick couplings, as well as the technical parameters to be achieved for flat face quick couplings made of carbon steel. ISO 16028 Couplers are also contained the quick couplers that made of other materials that meet the ISO 16028 connection dimensions. like stainless steel, brass or alumium materials.

FF Series

Flat Face Couplers made to the ISO 16028 Standard

FFS Series

Stainless steel flat face couplers made to the ISO 16028 Standard dimensions

FF90 Series

90 degree flat face couplers made to the ISO 16028 Standard

FFP Series

Connect under pressure flat face male couplers made to the ISO 16028 Standard dimensions

FFHP Series

High pressure flat face couplers fitted with a safety locking sleeve

DTP Series

Diagnostic test point couplings made to the ISO 15171-1 and SAE J1502 standards

MP Series

Multiplate couplers

SCF Series Screw connect flat face couplers

SCF Series

Screw connect flat face couplers

What is a Flat Face Quick Coupling?

A flat-face quick coupling is a type of quick coupling with a flat mating surface that is easy to clean before connection and has very little fluid loss during disconnect. Flat Face quick couplings are often used in high-end hydraulic applications such as skid steers, tractors, high-end hydraulic tools, etc. Not all flat face quick coupling complies with the ISO 16028 standard, but the equipment manufacturers usually like to use the ISO standard quick couplings. That makes the users can be easy to find a replacement in the market.

The ISO 16028 Standard for Flat Face Quick Coupling

This international standard ISO 16028 specifies the interface dimensions for interchangeability and specifies the performance requirements for hydraulic, flat face type, and quick couplings for use at a pressure of 20 Mpa to 31.5 Mpa, and the body material is carbon steel. other body materials like stainless steel, brass, etc. only can meet the interface dimensions for interchangeability. ISO 16028 Couplers can be found in lots of hydraulic equipment because of the “no-spill” and easy-to-clean features. the small fluid losses make 16028 couplers have advantages on long-term working.

Flat Face Quick Couplings: Connecting with Cleanliness and Efficiency

Flat face quick couplings, also known as “no-spill” or “dry disconnect” couplings, are a specialized type of quick coupling designed for leak-free and effortless fluid connection and disconnection. Unlike traditional quick couplings that rely on gaskets or O-rings for sealing, flat face couplings utilize precisely machined, flat sealing surfaces to create a positive seal, eliminating the risk of drips, spills, and air ingress during connection or disconnection.

Key advantages of flat face quick couplings:

  • Leak-free connections: The flat-to-flat sealing design eliminates the need for gaskets or O-rings, minimizing the risk of leaks and contamination, especially crucial for sensitive fluids or hazardous environments.
  • Clean disconnect: No fluid spillage occurs during disconnection, ensuring operator safety and maintaining a clean work area. This is particularly beneficial for applications involving paints, chemicals, or food products.
  • High flow rates: The unobstructed flow path provided by the flat faces minimizes flow restrictions, leading to higher flow rates compared to traditional couplings.
  • Ease of use: The simple push-pull mechanism allows for quick and easy connection and disconnection, even with contaminated hands or while wearing gloves.
  • Durability: The robust design and high-quality materials used in flat face couplings ensure long service life and reliable performance even in demanding applications.

Applications of flat face quick couplings:

  • Hydraulic systems: For connecting and disconnecting tools, attachments, and hoses in construction, agriculture, and manufacturing equipment.
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries: For safe and clean transfer of sensitive fluids without risking contamination.
  • Food and beverage industry: For hygienic transfer of food products and cleaning lines, complying with strict sanitation standards.
  • Paint and coating industry: For quick and spill-free transfer of paints, inks, and solvents.
  • Medical and laboratory equipment: For connecting and disconnecting fluid lines in critical and sensitive applications.

Choosing the right flat face quick coupling:

  • Size and type: Select the appropriate coupling size based on the hose or pipe diameter and choose the compatible coupling type (e.g., ISO 16028, Parker FF series) based on your application and pressure requirements.
  • Material: Consider the material compatibility with the fluids being transferred and the operating environment. Stainless steel is a common choice for its durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Pressure rating: Ensure the chosen coupling’s pressure rating exceeds the maximum operating pressure of your system.
  • Flow requirements: Select a coupling with sufficient flow capacity to meet your application’s needs.

In conclusion, flat face quick couplings offer a superior solution for applications requiring clean, leak-free, and efficient fluid connections and disconnections. Their versatility, reliability, and safety features make them a valuable asset for various industries and operations.