ISO A Quick couplings

ISO A Quick Couplings

ISO A quick-release couplings are quick-release couplings that meet the dimensional requirements of the A series of the ISO 7241:2023 standard. The ISO 7241:2023 standard defines two types of ball lock quick couplings, which are divided into series A and series B. Series A quick couplings are often used in agricultural and forestry machinery, mobile equipment and some construction equipment. For quick-release couplings for agricultural machinery, there is an additional ISO 5675 standard based on ISO 7241:2023. Therefore, quick couplings that comply with ISO5675 are firstly compliant with ISO7241:2023.

IA Series

ISO A Quick Couplings

IA2 Series

ISO A Quick Couplings Similar to Faster NV Appearance

IAS Series

ISO A Stainless Steel Couplings

IA3 Series

ISO A Quick Couplings Similar Appearance With Safeway S56

IA4 Series

ISO A Quick Couplings special design for wrench on body

IAP Series

Connect under pressure female coupler 1/2″ body size  ISO A and ISO 5675 male couplers

IAPP Series

ISO 7241 and ISO 5675 Push Pull Agricultural Quick Couplings

AGB Series

AGB series  ball valve couplers for agricultural applicaitons ISO5675

AG Series

ISO 5675 Agricultural Quick Coupling ball valve and poppet valve

What are ISO A Quick Couplings?

  • A standardized type of quick coupling designed for effortless and secure connection and disconnection of hydraulic lines and components.
  • Adheres to the ISO 7241-A international standard, ensuring compatibility across different manufacturers and applications.

Key Features:

  • Push-to-connect mechanism: Align the coupling halves and push them together for a quick, positive connection.
  • Automatic locking system: Secures the coupling in place, preventing accidental disconnection.
  • Leak-proof seal: Ensures fluid integrity and prevents spills.
  • Available in various sizes and materials: To accommodate different flow rates, pressures, and fluid types.

Common Applications:

  • Construction equipment: Hydraulic attachments, power tools, excavators, loaders.
  • Agricultural machinery: Tractors, harvesters, sprayers, irrigation systems.
  • Material handling: Forklifts, cranes, hoists, conveyors.
  • Oil and gas industry: Exploration and production equipment, pipeline maintenance.
  • Manufacturing: Assembly lines, machine tools, fluid transfer systems.
  • Mobile hydraulics: Truck-mounted equipment, snowplows, garbage trucks.

Benefits of ISO A Quick Couplings:

  • Fast and easy connections: Save time and labor compared to traditional threaded couplings.
  • Reduced downtime: Quick tool changes and line connections minimize equipment downtime.
  • Enhanced safety: Lower risk of spills, leaks, and exposure to hazardous fluids.
  • Improved productivity: Faster fluid transfers and tool changes increase efficiency.
  • Versatility: Compatible with various hydraulic systems and components.
  • Standardized design: Ensures compatibility and interchangeability between brands.

Choosing ISO A Quick Couplings:

  • Size: Match the coupling size to the hose or line diameter.
  • Material: Select a material compatible with the fluid and operating environment.
  • Pressure rating: Ensure the coupling’s pressure rating exceeds system requirements.
  • Flow rate: Choose a coupling with sufficient flow capacity for your application.
  • Environmental factors: Consider temperature, corrosion resistance, and dust exposure.

In conclusion, ISO A quick couplings offer a convenient, reliable, and standardized solution for connecting and disconnecting hydraulic lines in a wide range of industries. Their ease of use, safety features, and versatility make them a valuable asset for improving efficiency and productivity in hydraulic systems.