Quick Couplings make easy to connect and disconnect on Wet line kit

wet line kit quick couplings

What is a Wet line kit

A wet-line kit, also known as a PTO wet kit, is a hydraulic system (Auxiliary hydraulic system) used on trucks and trailers. It utilizes the truck’s power take-off (PTO) to provide hydraulic power for operating various attachments.

  • Power Source: The truck’s transmission drives a PTO unit, which essentially converts engine power into hydraulic power.
  • Hydraulic System: The wet-line kit includes a hydraulic pump, reservoir, hoses, valves, quick couplings, and other components that create a pressurized hydraulic fluid flow.
  • Applications: Wet-line kits are commonly used for dump trailers, where the hydraulic power raises and lowers the bed. They can also be used for various truck-mounted applications that require hydraulic actuation, such as cranes, booms, and winches.

wet line kits

wet line kits quick coupling

Quick Couplings on Wet Line Kits

Wet-line kits rely on hydraulic quick couplings for easy connection and disconnection of hydraulic lines. These couplings are specifically designed for use with pressurized systems, allowing for:

  • Fast Attachment/Detachment: The quick couplings enable rapid connection and disconnection of the hydraulic lines between the truck and the trailer (or other attachment) without needing tools or interrupting fluid flow significantly. This improves efficiency during operation.
  • Reduced Spillage: Wet-line couplings are designed to minimize fluid loss during connection or disconnection, which is crucial to avoid contamination and environmental hazards. They achieve this through a specific valve mechanism that seals the line even when disconnected.
  • Durability: Made from high-strength materials like brass or steel, these couplings can withstand the demanding conditions encountered in construction, agriculture, and other heavy-duty applications where wet-line kits are commonly used.


Two Types of Wet line kit

  • 2-Line Wet Kit: This is a simpler system with a pressure hose and a suction hose. It’s reliable for moderate use but may struggle with demanding applications.
  • 3-Line Wet Kit: This is a more robust system with an additional return line. It offers faster cycle times, better temperature control, and is generally preferred for heavy-duty applications.

Strongly Recommended three-line kit

  • Faster cycle times: Three-line systems, while they do not raise the dump trailer faster, do allow it to lower in less time by minimizing restriction in the tank return line. This is especially important with aluminum trailers on windy days!
  • Keeping the system cooler: In applications like road construction, where the material is spread rather than simply dumped, the dump pump may spend many minutes in the “hold” position. Three-line systems continually circulate oil back to the reservoir while in “hold” to keep system temperatures lower.
  • Fewer pump failures: A common cause of dump pump failure in a two-line system is overheating, resulting from an operator’s failure to disengage the PTO before leaving the dump site. As they drive down the road with the PTO engaged, oil rapidly heats up inside the pump and will, in short order, damage the pump beyond repair. Three-line systems, by circulating oil back to the reservoir for cooling, can substantially limit this type of pump damage.
  • The ability to add a filter: In a two-line system, oil must flow in both directions through each hose depending on which part of the dumping cycle one is in. Since filters are designed to work with oil flow in only one direction, a two-line system cannot be filtered. Because the three-line system has a dedicated return line, a filter can be incorporated. Keep in mind, however, that when a dump trailer is being lowered, oil is returning to the reservoir at a high flow rate and an undersized filter can become a restriction. Muncie Power recommends a return line filter capable of handling flows upward of 70 GPM on the return side.

Wet line kit quick couplingIn most wet line kits, we see the WSC series quick couplings that are half brass and half steel materials, the screw to connect couplers. However, some customers use our TC series quick connectors, such as HYVA. They The TC series wing nut quick connector made of carbon steel is used.

In same size, the WSC Quick Coupplings – brass and steel would be expensive than the TC Series.

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