Quick Couplings On A Cryo Jet

quick couplings for cryo jets

What is a Cryo Jet?

A cryo jet is a special effects device that creates a burst of fog or mist by rapidly expanding compressed carbon dioxide (CO2).

  1. Liquid CO2: The core component is a pressurized tank containing liquid CO2.
  2. Rapid Expansion: When triggered, a valve opens, allowing the liquid CO2 to rapidly expand into a gas.
  3. Temperature Drop: This rapid expansion causes a drastic temperature drop, resulting in the CO2 gas reaching extremely cold temperatures.
  4. Sublimation: The cold CO2 gas mixes with the surrounding air, causing the moisture in the air to condense into tiny ice crystals, forming the visible fog or mist effect.

Cryo Jets

The Quick Coupling on a Cryo Jet

The quick couplings on a cryo jet are connectors that allow for the safe and easy attachment and detachment of the high-pressure hose containing the liquid CO2.

The cryo jet will likely have two half quick couplings, one on the jet itself and another at the end of the high-pressure hose. These couplings are designed to be a specific type to prevent accidental connection of incompatible gas lines. Ensure the couplings on the hose and the jet match exactly. Line up the coupling on the hose with the corresponding coupling on the jet.quick couplings use a push-to-connect design with a locking mechanism. Push the hose coupling firmly into the jet coupling until you hear a click or feel a secure lock. Some couplings might have a twist-lock mechanism for added security.Hold down the release while pulling the hose coupling away from the jet coupling.

cryo jet with quick couplings


ISO 7241 Ball-lock Mechanism Couplings

1/2″ Body Size IB Series ISO B Quick Couplings

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