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AKJia Hydraulic is a leading hydraulic quick coupling supplier and manufacturer, established in 2000. a supplier to many major equipment manufacturers and also provides replacement hydraulic quick couplings for the aftermarket.

A Leading Hydraulic Quick Coupling Supplier and Manufacturer

AKJia Hydraulic Co., Ltd specializes in the development and manufacture of hydraulic quick couplings. We have more than 100 CNC automatic machining centers, all of which have been upgraded. We supply more than 1 million pieces of quick-release couplings and fittings to our customers worldwide every year. In addition to the production of hydraulic equipment manufacturers, we also have a large number of orders from small and medium-sized buyers, through customization, to solve their special needs of quick coupling use. These industries include chemical, mobile equipment, agricultural and forestry machinery, oil, etc.

Our founders say that we do the simplest things with our products, constantly improving our technology, and in a small area, doing the best. The simplest thing, repeatedly, will be the best. We have helped many customers to solve the sourcing and export service of related products, but in manufacturing, we just do what we are best at.


A Leading Hydraulic Quick Coupling Manufacturer

AKJia is a leading hydraulic quick-connect coupling manufacturer and mainly supplies quick couplings to Hydraulic equipment manufacturers. Our main business is OEM production of quick couplings and customization of various quick coupling products.

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Why use quick-release couplings?

Quick coupling is a type of coupling often used in hydraulics. It is a quick-release mechanism for connecting hydraulic cylinders together, allowing them to be coupled and uncoupled with ease, widely used in lots of industry connecting. This type of coupling is often used when there is a need to quickly disconnect two lines, or change the flow direction on two lines at once. A normal coupling has an open area at one end where the pipe from one line enters. The other side has threads that mate with the threads on another pipe and must be screwed into place before connecting the two pipes. A quick coupling seals both ends of the connection, so no air or liquid can escape during operation and they do not have to be tightened before connecting different pipes together.

When using hydraulic tools or equipment, we are bound to encounter situations that require maintenance or replacement of parts. When there is no quick coupling, it takes a long time to change, and the fluid also leaks. It can also cause accidents. Quick couplings are the perfect solution to these problems. It is possible to connect and disconnect fluids quickly, without any tools, because there are automatic opening and closing valves on both sides. Even if disconnected, the fluid will not leak because the valve closes automatically. When servicing or before the replacement of parts, it can be quickly connected again and the valve will open automatically. It is possible to work quickly again.

Why choose AKJia’s quick-release couplings?

AKJia has been manufacturing hydraulic quick couplings for more than 20 years and has rich experience in manufacturing and production. As a direct supplier to many hydraulic equipment manufacturers. We have experience in supplying quick couplings to equipment manufacturers. We know the key issues and parameters related to the use of quick-release couplings in equipment.

Source manufacturers, you can buy higher quality at a better price. In addition to supplying equipment manufacturers, we also OEM supply quick couplings. For these brands of quick couplings, you can get our high-quality products and services.

What equipment and hydraulic tools are hydraulic quick couplings used in?

We use quick connect couplings in a variety of industries for applications where hoses and pipes need to be connected and disconnected quickly. Hydraulic quick couplings can be found in many hydraulic tools and hydraulic equipment. They are consumable part that needs to be replaced. Common equipment includes Skid steer loaders, tractors, construction machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, hydraulic jacks, carpet extractors, portable car lifts, petrochemical product transfer, etc.