Register Your Product For Warranty

    You can scan the QR code on the instruction manual inside the product package or manually fill in the Serial number on the product.

    You can find the order number in the shipping list inside the package, or by looking for the order confirmation email in your mailbox.


    Question 1: 1-Year Warranty

    In order to give customers a better experience, we provide a 1-year warranty for ordinary applications of quick connectors. Among them, stainless steel and brass quick connectors provide a one-year warranty, while carbon steel products are used in applications that do not involve torque, such as hydraulic tools, and provide a one-year warranty. The flat face quick connector used in some applications such as hydraulic breakers provides a 3-month warranty.

    Question 2: Why register a product?

    Only by registering the product can we provide warranty service. When a customer registers a product, we can learn the production time, materials and other information of the product based on the product Serial Number, as well as the time the customer purchased the product and the time it was used.

    Question 3: How to quickly register a product?

    The registration QR code of the corresponding product can be found in the product manual inside each product package. You may use your smartphone to scan the QR code and it will automatically jump to this page. The product code can be automatically filled in, and other information can be filled in and submitted. We will confirm your information and warranty period within 24 hours.

    The registration code can also be found on the product.

    Question 4: Where to find the order number?

    Inside the product packaging there will be a delivery note with the order number on it. The order number can also be found in the order confirmation email. If you purchase from the Amazon store, you can check the Amazon delivery note and fill in the Amazon order number.

    Question 5: Why do we need your email address?

    The email address is used to provide quick after-sales service. Because most customers will lose the packaging and product manual when using the product. Customers only need to use their usual email address when registering. At that time, you only need to contact us via the registered email address, and we can help you with product-related information. Products within the warranty period can provide fast after-sales service.