Hydraulic Quick Couplings

hydaulic quick connect couplings

Hydraulic quick couplings are used to connect and disconnect hydraulic hoses quickly to machines or other sections of plumbing. Quick couplings are also known as connectors and allow the flow of fluids when male and female sides are locked together.

Types of Quick Couplings

There many kinds or types of quick couplings and each product is discussed below

Universal Quick Coupling

Universal quick couplings can be attached to any valve and are used where continuation and disconnection of fluid are needed. One type of universal quick coupling is the ½” NPT Thread ISO hydraulic quick connector.

  • This product has steel self-sealing poppet valve seals.
  • It works excellent under high and low pressure.
  • NPT Thread is interchangeable with all ISo 7241 A series couplings.
  • This universal quick coupling has a nominal flow rate of 12 GPM and the maximum flow is 23.78 GPM.
  • The seal type of this product is Nitrile Buna-N.
  • This coupling is ideal to use in plant maintenance equipment, skid steer loaders, snowplows, mining, dump trucks, gooseneck trailers, and chemical transfer lines.
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Agricultural Quick Coupling

Agricultural quick couplings are used on farms all over the world. These quick couplings are used on agricultural lands for tractors and to connect hydraulic hoses. One type of quick agricultural coupling is the ½” NPT Thread Ag ISO 5675 Hydraulic Quick Connect Tractor Couplers.

  • Agricultural quick coupling is the most commonly used one.
  • These connectors are used in agriculture, logging, and construction industries.
  • These couplings are interchangeable with all ½” body Ag ISO 5675 series.
  • Tractor couplings have hardened steel plugs.
  • The nominal flow rate is 45.5 L/min.

Flat Face Quick Coupling

The flat face quick couplings are the best solution to limit the contamination of hydraulic circuits. Flat face couplings are used in applications in which there should be no leakage. The mating faces can be cleaned easily before connecting them. 1/2″ NPT Thread Skid Steer Bobcat Flat Face Hydraulic Quick Connect coupler is one of its types.

  • This quick coupler is interchangeable with any ISO 16028 coupling.
  • These flat-faced valves are too easy to clean.
  • These are non-spill couplers.
  • These are used in high requirement hydraulic applications such as tractors, skid steer loaders, etc.
  • Flat face couplers have a locking sleeve design that prevents accidental disconnects.
  • The valve design allows minimal pressure drops and one-hand operation
  • This coupler is coated with Zn plating that helps in corrosion prevention.
  • Flat face couplers have seals for working from -20˚C to 120˚C.
  • The body material of this coupling is of carbon steel.
F7200 Series Flat Face quick Couplings

High-Pressure Quick Coupling

The high-pressure quick coupling has a flat face design and a patented locking sleeve. This locking sleeve automatically rotates when connected. This locking system helps in preventing unwanted disconnection and leak-free connections. However, in pressurized applications, it helps in quick-release solutions. One of the types of this coupling is 3/8″ NPT Poppet High Duty 10000 PSI Quick Connect Coupling Coupler.

  • This coupling has poppet-style valving and also includes a seal ring.
  • The locking mechanism mates the coupling halves and can endure the pressure of 10000 psi.
  • The high-pressure coupling is designed for the high pressure applications such as portable hydraulic rams, hydraulic jacks, wire pullers, and frame straightening equipment.
  • High-pressure coupling is interchangeable half for half with the pioneer 3000 series.
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Screw to connect Quick Coupling

One of the types of screw quick coupling is 1-¼” NPT Brass Wing Nut Quick Coupler. These couplings are used in applications where the couplers are to be connected with little or no leakage. These couplings work best under pressure.

  • These couplers do not allow much fluid loss.
  • These screw quick couplers work under the maximum pressure of 3000 psi.
  • These couplers have a brass body and nipple to prevent corrosion.
  • Screw quick coupling has a heavy-duty steel sleeve and a wing nut.
  • It has a nitrile seal with a Teflon backup.

It is used in dump trailers, live bed trailers, mobile drilling rigs, sand and salt spreaders, oil well equipment, and heavy equipment.

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Dust Caps

Dust caps are small covers that are used on the valve systems to prevent dust entrance. Dust caps are also used as pressure seals to prevent pressure leakage.

  • Hydraulic dust caps are used to protect the valves from contamination.
  • The dust caps fit with ISO 7241 and ISO 5675 series A like Parker 6600, Aeroquip 5600 and with many other pneumatic couplings.
  • Each coupling set has one male dust cap and one female dust cap.
  • The dust caps are resistant to mechanical damage, UV, oil, elasticity, and chemicals.
  • These dust caps fit with ½ body size AG style skid steer couplers.
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