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Flat Face Port with British Standard Pipe Parallel Threads (ISO 1179-1)

ISO 1179 1 Threads

A flat face port with British Standard Pipe Parallel Threads (BSPP) is a type of connection used in fluid power systems. It is defined by the international standard ISO 1179-1. The port has a flat sealing surface and uses BSPP threads for connection. BSPP threads are a type of parallel thread that is commonly used […]

what is O-Ring Face Seal ORFS(SAE J1453)

O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) threads, standardized by SAE J1453 and ISO 8434-3, offer a reliable and efficient sealing solution for hydraulic systems.This connection forms an impressive leak resistance and can be used in applications up to 6000 psi. The male half of the connection has an O-ring with a straight thread. The female half has […]

What is SAE 45° Flare Thread (SAE J512)

SAE 45° Flare threads are another type of fitting used in hydraulic and fluid transfer systems, often alongside JIC 37° Flare. Here’s a breakdown of their key characteristics and differences: SAE 45° Flare: Angle:As the name suggests, the flared tube features a 45-degree angle, slightly steeper than JIC’s 37 degrees. Seal:Similar to JIC, SAE 45° […]

What is NPTF Thread?

NPTF stands for National Pipe Taper Fuel. It’s a specific type of tapered pipe thread designed for sealing without the use of additional sealants. This makes it ideal for applications where sealants are undesirable, such as with: Food and beverage processing: NPTF threads prevent contamination from sealants leaching into the product. Oxygen lines: Sealants can introduce flammable […]

What is NPT Thread?

NPT stands for National Pipe Taper thread. It’s a tapered thread standard commonly used in North America for pipe and fitting connections in various applications, including: Key features of NPT threads: Tapered threads: The threads have a slight taper, meaning they gradually get narrower towards the end. This taper creates interference when the threads are tightened, […]

What is BSPP thread?

What is BSPP Threads The British Standard Pipe Parallel (BSPP) is a thread used to connect pipes and fittings. It’s a parallel thread, meaning that the sides of the thread are straight, as opposed to tapered like BSPT threads. This makes it easier to assemble and disassemble, but it also means that it’s not as […]

What is the thread according to DIN 3852-2

Here’s a breakdown of the thread specified in DIN 3852-2: Key Points: Thread Type: It primarily designates parallel threads, but also includes a tapered thread variant. Standard Scope: Covers dimensions, types, and designations for stud ends used in fittings, valves, and port plugs. Relationship to ISO Standards: Closely aligns with ISO 1179-1 for parallel threads, but offers additional […]

what are the differences between NPT and NPTF?

NPT and NPTF threads are both commonly used tapered pipe threads in plumbing and piping systems, but they have some key differences: Sealing: NPT (National Pipe Taper): Requires a sealant, like Teflon tape or pipe dope, to create a leakproof connection. The threads themselves don’t provide a perfect seal, so the sealant fills in any gaps and […]